53230bec72a5f.imageMany of you have sent me wonderful private messages full of love and acceptance. Thank you. Included in some of those messages are questions about how I am finding my way out. The answer to that question is loaded and very complicated. So, I have decided to share a little here and there in the hope that it will help and answer some of those questions.

One of those questions is what does all of this have to do with my art, my photography and my business….etc.

My mental health or lack there of has everything to do with my ability to create and what I end up creating.

In my search to cure my panic and trauma on my own without medication I began to meditate. In my search I found the book “10% Happier” and Dan Harris’ experience that was different than mine yet very much the same. His book and experience was a great awakening for me.

Check it out!




Click here to watch Dan’s talk at Google and his Panic attack on national television.